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International expansion and strategies of discount grocery retailers: the winning models

Discount food retailing has experienced considerable expansion over the last ten years and currently occupies an important position in the European retail industry. However, a certain number of discount retailers have had to abandon the market over the same period, while others have obtained good results both in their domestic markets and abroad.
    The purpose of this article is to illustrate the determining reasons behind the success or failure of discount retailers on the international scene through the identification and analysis of the various strategic groups, competitive advantages, entry barriers to the sector and barriers to mobility between the groups.
    These concepts, well documented in general business strategy literature (Porter,1980, 1985), have not been used very often in the analysis of the retail distribution sector, particularly at the international level (Burt,2002). This article takes into consideration this literature and, concerning the data used, this is essentially based on documentary research that took in the main trade magazines and professional journals, as well as published surveys and studies of the sector and analysis of individual companies. During the course of research, the author extended research to company documents, balance sheets and activity reports, and also interviewed company executives whose contributions enabled a better identification of the groups and individual company strategies and the elaboration of the hypotheses put forward in this article.

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