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Innovations and evolution of employment in the French food retailing.

The saturation of traditional formats in the food retail sector is at the origin of the current stagnation in the job market. But, influenced by new consumer behaviours and the impact of new technologies, the transformation of these same formats can lead to the creation of new jobs and to transformations in those jobs. Employees are gradually becoming more qualified, a process driven by the diffusion of new information and communication technologies. Although women fill most posts in the sector, the differential between female and male jobs seems to be diminishing, for reasons probably linked to the intensification of competition. While the percentage of part-time jobs in the sector, most of which are taken by women, is high, it nevertheless seems to be gradually declining due to the economic crisis, as well as to new approaches to managing working hours on an annual basis, and to the encouragement of multi-tasking on the point of employees.

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